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  1. The Future of Access to Digital Broadcast Video to

    Panel on Friday 9th March

    Video needs to be accessible too, and both the technology and the legal environment is evolving. Accessible media is already available online at some major media sites and the work ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 9ABC, 3rd floor (map)

  2. Online Therapy... Naked? to

    Panel on Saturday 10th March

    Professionals have been offering psychotherapy online since 1995. While the earlier services focused on offering therapy through email, this has changed in recent years. With the popularity of video conferencing, ...

    At AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 204 (map)

  3. Viral Is a Dirty Word: Strategic Video Success to

    Dual on Saturday 10th March

    “Viral.” No word in the interactive marketing lexicon derails strategic thinking quite as effectively. Everyone wants their video to go viral, but the fantasy of millions of people discovering a ...

    At InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, Capital Ballroom A (map)

  4. Meat is Might: Epic Meal Time Rules the Web to

    Panel on Saturday 10th March

    How do a group of friends go from sitting down for a meal together to creating an EPIC MEAL TIME together? The first ever Epic Meal Time video involved the ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 18ABCD, 4th floor (map)

  5. A Carlin Home Companion to

    Solo on Saturday 10th March

    Through storytelling, classic video footage, and family memorabilia, Kelly Carlin, the only child of iconoclastic comedian George Carlin, chronicles over forty years of her life with her famous father. Kelly, ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom G, 4th floor (map)

  6. Let's Talk Video for Social Change to

    Core Conversation on Saturday 10th March

    With great images, powerful music and rich, authentic stories, videos can influence real change in our world. The question that businesses and organizations have to ask is, "Which stories resonate ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 8A, 3rd floor (map)

  7. Your Customers on Video Are Your Biggest Asset to

    Dual on Saturday 10th March

    Before any new customer buys your product, they need to trust your brand, and nothing can build credibility better than the testimonials of your biggest fans. But how to best ...

    At InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, Capital Ballroom A (map)

  8. AMODA Digital Showcase + Laptop Battle to

    on Saturday 10th March

    The Austin Museum of Digital Art presents a party featuring video projections, interactive installations, and a Laptop Battle, in which 8 musicians use killer beats to duke it out in ...

    At Mohawk (map)

  9. Arcade Stage: LightBox Interactive - Starhawk... Welcome to the New Frontier to

    on Sunday 11th March

    FREE and Open to the Public. Dylan Jobe, President of Austin video game developer LightBox Interactive, will discuss his upcoming PlayStation 3 blockbuster, Starhawk - a fast-paced third person shooter ...

    At Palmer Event Center, Exhibit Hall 1 (map)

  10. All Eyes on You: Visual Effects & Viewer Engagement to

    Core Conversation on Sunday 11th March

    Why do certain videos capture your attention, while others fall flat? Whether you realize it or not, visual effects touch over 80% of the minutes you see on television or ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol View North (map)

  11. Funny Or Die: Future of Comedy & Everything Else to

    Panel on Sunday 11th March

    An intimate look into the corruption, lies and deceit that transformed a website started by a video of a foul-mouthed little girl into the largest most powerful media company the ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 18ABCD, 4th floor (map)

  12. But Are You a Real Journalist? #jan25 #occupy to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    The Whole World is Watching: From Tahrir Square to Homs to Zuccotti Park, citizen journalists and ordinary people are using social media, video and cell phones to document their stories ...

    At Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-3 (map)

  13. Humanizing B2B Brands with Video & Comedy to

    Solo on Monday 12th March

    Research shows that nearly 73% of people who read corporate blogs are in fact people. And one of the strongest connections we can make with another human is to make ...

    At Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown, Rio Grande (map)

  14. Deconstructing the Myth of Viral Video to

    Future15 on Monday 12th March

    Every marketer dreams of their video going "viral" and getting passed along by millions. Sure, it happens. But how and why? The reality is, "viral video" is a myth. The ...

    At Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 4-7 (map)

  15. An Interactive Mixer featuring video remix artist Mike Relm to

    on Monday 12th March

    Connections, cocktails and appetizers on us! Experience the magic of audio-video remix artist Mike Relm at the Interactive Mixer sponsored by Marketo and Vindicia. MIKE RELM is best known for ...

    At The Stage on Sixth (map)

  16. Juggalos: Rabid Branding, a Case Study to

    Solo on Tuesday 13th March

    The Insane Clown Posse, a Detroit gangsta rap group who literally dress like clowns, have leveraged a rabidly devoted fan base to become the best selling indie band of all ...

    At St David's Bethell Hall, Capital Ballroom B (map)

  17. New Career for Journalists: Online Video Producer to

    Panel on Tuesday 13th March

    Writing is never going to die. Crafting thoughts into clear and useful communication is always going to be important online. But aspiring writers these days would be smart to enhance ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol E-H, 3rd floor (map)

  18. Birth of Interactive Entertainment: Avatar to Björk to

    Solo on Tuesday 13th March

    For twenty years, Scott Snibbe has advocated for a new form of interactive entertainment that moves beyond video games to treat interactivity as a full medium in its own right. ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EF (map)