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  1. Making a Grand Entrance: How to Launch a Product to

    Panel on Friday 9th March

    You have the vision, you have the product, and you have the funding; it’s your time to make a splash. How do you turn a brilliant vision into a successful ...

    At Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B (map)

  2. Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas to

    Book Reading on Friday 9th March

    The rules have changed. The traditional PR model—sticking closely to a preset script and campaign timeline—no longer works the way it used to. Public discourse now moves so fast and ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom G, 4th floor (map)

  3. More Smart, Less Stupid: PR for Better Business to

    Panel on Saturday 10th March

    Panelists use “ripped-from-the-headlines” business cases to spur debate on the essential truths of corporate reputation and brand management. This session is sponsored by the Council of PR Firms.

    At Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 415A (map)

  4. The State of PR 2.0 Industry in Mexico to

    Dual on Saturday 10th March

    The Association of PR Professionals in Mexico (ProPR) groups all PR professionals, consultants and agencies. Every year, ProPR conducts and publishes a research on the local industry. This is the ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB, 3rd floor (map)

  5. The Secrets and Surprises of DIY Promotion to

    Panel on Saturday 10th March

    How can you use DIY strategies to get the media to give your book, blog, or startup attention? What pitfalls can you run into along the way? Join author Jeff ...

    At Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B (map)

  6. How to Break Through the Noise with Great Events to

    Core Conversation on Saturday 10th March

    By now, every good marketer knows that bringing people together in the real world is a powerful tool for building a community around your company. Despite all our cool social ...

    At InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, Assembly Room (map)

  7. Discoverability and the New World of Book PR to

    Panel on Sunday 11th March

    Shelf space isn't what it used to be. A search on "leadership books" on Amazon returns more than 60,000 results. The same search on Google returns more than 130 million ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Creekside I & II (map)

  8. Meryl Cooper Book Signing to

    on Sunday 11th March

    Meryl Cooper signs her book ‘Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired, and Rewarded at Work’ at the SXSW bookstore.

    At Austin Convention Center (map)

  9. Brand Journalism in the Real-World to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    Brand journalism is often defined by what it isn’t. It’s not just blogging, it’s not PR, but it isn’t traditional reporting either. This session will focus not only on defining ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol E-H, 3rd floor (map)

  10. Get Bold: Using Social Media to

    Book Reading on Monday 12th March

    Social Media has come a long way from the early days of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We have all felt its impact in marketing and public relations, but the pace ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom G, 4th floor (map)

  11. Agency Meet Up: Career Seekers in Ad, PR, Social and Digital to

    on Monday 12th March

    You are invited to attend this meet up and network with career seekers in the advertising, PR, and media fields Monday, March 12 from 12:00pm-1:00pm.. SXSW draws top talent and ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 3/4 (map)

  12. Media Measurement: Science, Art or a Load of Crap to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    We are quickly moving to a time where PR is transitioning from a cost center to a highly measurable conduit to client/customer acquisition tool. Accountability and measurement is key in ...

    At InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, Capital Ballroom A (map)

  13. Social Flubs: Can Bad Publicity Be Good? to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    PR Soup bloggers rate and debate the worst social communication flubs of the year. LuAnn Glowacz (Ballet Austin), Andrea Schulle (As Such Communication), and Christine Cox (Christine Cox PR) will ...

    At Omni Downtown, Lone Star (map)

  14. Tech PR Meet Up to

    Meet Up on Monday 12th March

    Get together with other tech PR professionals for an hour of brainstorming, idea-building networking, friend-making and career-enhancement. Or, attend this Meet Up to learn more about this segment of the ...

    At InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, Boardroom (map)

  15. Vetting in the Age of Social: Who Do You Trust? to

    Panel on Tuesday 13th March

    In the past, an editor, a professional trained to vet content for a publication decided what you consumed. Today, content is vetted by our friends, celebrities, and strangers we've 'liked', ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol A-D, 3rd floor (map)