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  1. Rhapsody to Year 0: Music & Publishing Go Digital to

    Solo on Saturday 10th March

    With book sales going digital much faster than music sales did, why is the publishing industry growing, and not imploding? How threatened are publishers & labels as content creators start ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB, 4th floor (map)

  2. When Copyright Trolls Attack to

    Panel on Saturday 10th March

    On 2010, the U.S. Copyright Group quietly targeted tens of thousands BitTorrent users for legal action in federal court in Washington DC. The defendants, who started off as unnamed "John ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol E-H, 3rd floor (map)

  3. Debate: Should Social Sites Allow Anonymous Users? to

    Dual on Saturday 10th March

    Every new website that allows users to participate faces the same question: do you require users to use their real names? Facebook has taken a firm position that it will ...

    At Omni Downtown, Longhorn (map)

  4. Bridging the Lawyer-Social Media Manager Divide to

    Dual on Saturday 10th March

    From trademark and patent infringement claims to sweepstakes compliance, legal matters have started to impact businesses social media use in a meaningful way. But can marketers and PR teams create ...

    At Omni Downtown, Capital Ballroom (map)

  5. Fighting for Your Users Without Becoming a Target to

    Panel on Saturday 10th March

    The Internet is a fantastic resource for sharing and storing ideas, information, and creative works. But users -- individuals and companies -- can't take advantage of that bounty without help ...

    At Omni Downtown, Capital Ballroom (map)

  6. Building Digital Products with Passionate Users to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    Your idea is hot. You have killer technology. You have angel investors on speed-dial. Your product mashes up the coolest APIs and you managed to navigate the shark-infested waters of ...

    At InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, Capital Ballroom B (map)

  7. Hacking Cybersecurity: A New Approach to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    The future of cybersecurity is indeterminable. While the threat at times remains ambiguous, its effects are real, affecting government agencies around the globe. At a time when we are met ...

    At AT&T Conference Center, Salon E (map)

  8. Can Washington Make Your App Illegal? to

    Panel on Monday 12th March

    So you've worked for months writing code, assembling creative, and testing out your app until it it's finally ready for mass consumption. The App Store has approved it and you ...

    At Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon K, 6th floor (map)

  9. The Automobile As Network Node to

    on Tuesday 13th March

    This is a Continuing Legal Education panel: Automobiles are increasingly connected to computer networks and are used to collect, use and share vehicle-related information. They also provide a delivery mechanism ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 9ABC, 3rd floor (map)

  10. Meet the Entertainment Lawyers to

    on Wednesday 14th March

    Lawyers are not your enemy. They can protect your art through intellectual property law, ensure your future through contract law, and help you navigate immigration and customs laws. Come meet ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 3/4 (map)