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Showing 4 sessions about Interactive in Austin Convention Center

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  1. The White House on the Road to

    Core Conversation on Saturday 10th March

    With the commoditizaion of digital technologies for engagement, organizations are beginning to see the opportunity to go one step further by bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB, 3rd floor (map)

  2. Flash: F Bomb or Da Bomb? to

    Panel on Tuesday 13th March

    Flash. For some, it’s Da Bomb—the Holy Grail of interactive web design. For others, it’s the F Bomb—the virtual thorn in their web experience. Flash has been, for years, a ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB, 3rd floor (map)

  3. The iPad Theater: The Convergence of Film and Interactive Media to

    Panel on Tuesday 13th March

    With the release of Holy Hell, the first movie to premiere as a Ipad App, a new distribution frontier opens up for independent filmmakers. As a new business model of ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB, 4th floor (map)

  4. Birth of Interactive Entertainment: Avatar to Björk to

    Solo on Tuesday 13th March

    For twenty years, Scott Snibbe has advocated for a new form of interactive entertainment that moves beyond video games to treat interactivity as a full medium in its own right. ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EF (map)