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  1. Serendipity (n.): A Happy Discovery By Accident to

    Dual on Friday 9th March

    Entertainment is a natural need. Anticipation is a human hunger. What’s better than feeling completely catered to, without losing the excitement of surprise? We know what we like and what ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol E-H, 3rd floor (map)

  2. Future of Entertainment: Viewer Becomes User to

    Panel on Friday 9th March

    Mobile social networking apps continue to grow in popularity, a trend that gives emerging technology companies a unique chance to partner with entertainment channels to provide audiences with an enhanced, ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 18ABCD, 4th floor (map)

  3. Entertain or Fail: Brands As the New Publishers to

    Core Conversation on Saturday 10th March

    Brands today have more consumers at their fingertips than any TV show or magazine could ever offer thanks to an abundance of multi-connected digital platforms. But entertaining those consumers on ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol View North (map)

  4. And I Am NOT Lying at SXSW: From Basement Burlesque to the Boardroom to

    Camp on Saturday 10th March

    Storytelling is both the second-oldest art form and a hot "new" form of entertainment — thanks to This American Life, The Moth's podcast and live shows, and tons of shows ...

    At Palm Park, Colorado (map)

  5. PBS KIDS Breakfast: The Cool Kids - What’s New for Today’s Digital Kids to

    on Sunday 11th March

    How do you create content that's both educational & entertaining? Join the creative minds at PBS KIDS for breakfast & Q&A.

    At Finn & Porter (map)

  6. Arcade Stage: Marvel - House of Ideas to

    on Sunday 11th March

    FREE and Open to the Public. For the first time ever, Marvel - the world’s #1 comics publisher and one of the world’s leading entertainment companies - has joined forces ...

    At Palmer Event Center, Exhibit Hall 1 (map)

  7. Connected Living Rooms, Contentious Networks to

    Panel on Sunday 11th March

    The celestial jukebox. Cloud gaming. On-demand movies on your mobile phone. The dream of having all the entertainment you want as soon as you want it, has never been so ...

    At Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown, Sabine, 2nd floor (map)

  8. Next Stage: Immersion 101: Inventing the Future of Entertainment to

    on Monday 12th March

    Thanks to the Internet, a new type of narrative is emerging – one that's told through many media at once in a way that's nonlinear, participatory, and above all immersive. ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 3/4 (map)

  9. Birth of Interactive Entertainment: Avatar to Björk to

    Solo on Tuesday 13th March

    For twenty years, Scott Snibbe has advocated for a new form of interactive entertainment that moves beyond video games to treat interactivity as a full medium in its own right. ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EF (map)

  10. Meet the Entertainment Lawyers to

    on Wednesday 14th March

    Lawyers are not your enemy. They can protect your art through intellectual property law, ensure your future through contract law, and help you navigate immigration and customs laws. Come meet ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 3/4 (map)